Dental Insurance

The average age of the Western European population is growing steadily. For this reason, as well as any needed sooner or later a dental prosthesis. Also due to accidents during sports or in everyday life, or by diseases such as diabetes can worsen the condition of teeth.

The cost of a prosthesis are very divergent. Both type of dentures such as bridges, crowns or dental implants as well as the material of the artificial teeth are factors that influence the price. At the latest when a plurality of teeth must be replaced at once, increasing the cost of dentures often at a price of an average small car. The statutory health insurance companies for several years, only a portion of these costs. Therefore, the law provides for any health insurance at a dental insurance. For members of a private health insurance is basically the same. But, the different terms are checked. Some private insurance anyway take a large part of the cost to replace others about the same proportion that would take over health insurance. It depends on the individual circumstances, whether it is worthwhile to dental insurance.

Dental insurance, there are situations are very different. In principle, it should be suitable to cover not of the general health insurance costs incurred. Some of this additional insurance cover the cost of a denture altogether, while others only cover a portion of the additional acquired by a public health costs. In principle, can be analogous to most insurance say that the amount of covered expenses for the contribution rate shall apply. Consequently, the monthly contributions from dental insurance vary greatly. Another distinguishing feature is the restriction of reimbursement for certain types of dentures. To replace, for example, by far, not all insurance companies the cost of dental implants or inlays. In addition to the many restorations dental insurance nor provide for the acquisition of other related costs to the teeth. Some insurance companies pay for example, regular cleaning of the teeth by the dentist.

It can be noted that the insured can choose between a large number of different dental insurance has. For this reason one can not give a general recommendation for the choice of such insurance. As a consumer you should seek advice on any case, since it is very difficult for the layman, in the jungle of performance and price.


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